All About the Tekmetric Shop Management System

Tekmetric is a company that produces shop management system software that helps repair shop owners operate more efficiently and makes having their cars worked on more convenient for customers. It stands from the competition because it is inexpensive, reliable and easy to use.

Benefits to shop owners

Tekmetric shop management system software can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection; therefore, shop owners can work remotely. Tekmetric handles the data details itself, so there is no need to install expensive servers or worry about backing up data. Jobs can be created on a custom basis or simply repeated for standard services, and upgrading from a legacy system is generally no problem.

Furthermore, managers in charge of multiple shops can monitor them all from one location. Whether the task at hand involves inventory, estimates or checking out customers, this shop management system software makes running your shop easier, and vendor information is always within reach. Tire management is made simple because the software figures in disposal fees, taxes and other details automatically.

When it comes to security, Tekmetric encrypts customers’ personal and vehicle information, and no one has access who you don’t want to. Another considerable benefit is the fact that authorizations, estimates and invoices can be either paperless or printed depending on the circumstances.

Tekmetric allows managers to closely analyze how employees are working and to see where efficiency can be improved. Access to information for individual employees can easily be changed as the shop manager wishes.

Benefits to customers

Customers benefit in multiple ways when Tekmetric shop management software is used. For one thing, the dramatic increase in workforce efficiency saves money, and those savings can be passed along to customers. Also, owners can choose to build robust customer profiles so that vehicle histories, maintenance reminders and much more can be accessed quickly and easily, resulting in an improved customer experience overall.

Tekmetric is all about making communication with customers easy and convenient for everyone involved. You can use Tekmarket to send text or email messages automatically, to keep track of job statuses and much more.

Improving shop workflow

Tekmetric is full of powerful tools for managing workflow. A job board breaks down information on individual orders so that they can be taken in at a glance from estimate to completion, and you can build a new order from scratch extremely quickly. The system if excellent for measuring potential and actual profits, and factors such as labor time and parts costs are worked into predictions and results.

Digital vehicle inspection

Digital vehicle inspections are built into the software. This allows for fast uploading of photos, easy creation of custom inspections and comprehensive documentation of vehicle findings.


Tekmetric shop management system software is integrated with a number of digital resources. For example, shop owners can integrate data on parts and labor into estimates through Motor, order almost any part through PartsTech and obtain vehicle history reports through CarFax. In short, Tekmetric puts the most powerful databases and platforms serving the automotive industry at your fingertips.

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