All You Need To Know About Canadian ITNs

Many people in North America have traveled between the United States and Canada.  This can be a great vacation to a foreign country that will still feel a little bit like home.

But if you try to move between the two countries—that is to say, “relocate”—you might forget that this is an international matter and, thus, involves a little more intricate procedures.  When you move to a new country—and try to bring your belongings with you—you will come to find you need to jump through a few proverbial Clearit customs brokerage hoops, particularly in terms of your car.

You Will Need An ITN

ITN is an abbreviation for Individual Tax Number. This is a number given to foreigners who move to the country of Canada and want to earn an income. The number is assigned by the Canadian Revenue Agency and is used to identify you within the Canadian tax system.

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Why Do I Need an ITN?

You need to get an ITN when you move to Canada because only natural born Canadian citizens can have a Social Insurance Number. This is, basically, the same thing as the United States’ Social Security Number. It is a method for tracking your income, taxes, and social programs in your lifetime.

If you were not born in Canada you need to get an ITN in order for your income to be officially registered with the government. It allows you to participate in the tax system as well as allows you to take advantage of the social programs that might be available. If you are an international student, you may not be eligible for a Canadian Social Insurance Number but will probably only need to get an ITN if you are receiving a scholarship (as it qualifies, technically, as a form of income).

How Do I Get an ITN?

To acquire your ITN, you need to bring a $30 processing fee as well as the following documents with you to an appropriate agency at the time of your move:

  • A photocopy of the bio-data page of your passport
  • A photocopy of your whole passport showing your Canada entry stamp
  • A study permit (for International students receiving a scholarship of any kind)
  • Your ITN application

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