Are You Paying the Right Price for a Used Car?

It is not easy to purchase a used car in India, especially when the market is dominated by unorganized players. If the market lacks structure then it also means that the prices are dubious and not set correctly.

But a buyer can find out the true price of used Ford EcoSport in Bangalore. Here are a few methods to use to find out the price of a used car.

Online Valuation

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There are a lot of online calculators available that let a buyer find out the valuation of a car. You can find out the value if you have details like:

  • Date of manufacturing of the car
  • Brand and model of the car
  • The number of kilometres registered on odometer
  • City of registration
  • Type of ownership

Once you input this information in the calculator, you will get to see the valuation.

Ask Other Buyers

If you know of anybody who has recently bought a second hand car then you can ask them directly. They would have done their own research and spent some time evaluating used cars and their prices. They would be able to tell you if the price quoted to you is fair or not.

Ask Your Mechanic

A lot of mechanics work with certified car dealers. If your mechanic is one of them then he would be aware of the prices of second hand cars. Even when mechanics don’t work with car dealers they do work as brokers helping other sellers find buyers for their used cars. So they would be aware of the prices being quotes for used Ford EcoSport.

Ask Dealers

You can visit a dealer in your city and ask him for the valuation. They would even show you what type of cars are available at a certain price range.


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