Best Tips for A Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Video is quickly taking over as the most preferred form of marketing by consumers. With a simple thirty-second video, they can discover everything they need to know about a product or service without having to spend ten minutes reading a boring wall of text.

As a business owner or management professional, you need to realize that video is the marketing strategy you need to be investing your time and money in. Even in you have a small budget, it’s fairly easy to film on decent equipment and upload videos for free on platforms like YouTube. Below we have compiled our list of the best tips to keep your video marketing strategy successful.

Have A Publishing Schedule 

Keep this in an ordered fashion. Plan to release a new video on the same day each week. You can even plan to release multiple videos per week, just ensure that you post them on the same day each week. This allows your consumers to anticipate when your new videos will be released and when they should check in with your business.


Have Short-Form Videos 

Short-form videos are those that are chopped down to about ten seconds. They allow enough time to portray a short message about your business or service. These short-form videos are present on many social media platforms. If you have ever scrolled down your Facebook page, it’s likely you’ve clicked on one of these videos.

Give Away Free Information 

Tutorials and tips on how your products or services work can help to grow your consumer base. Don’t so much focus on this as giving away your knowledge for free. Rather, you should be considering this as an educational experience for your viewers where you are establishing yourself as an expert in your business field.

Make It Simple 

Don’t overcomplicate your videos with industry wording that consumers don’t understand. Try to keep your consumers in mind and present your information in an easy to follow setup. Many businesses will use animated characters to help establish their complex information. You can see examples of this on the Greenwing Technology website.

Encourage Consumers To Participate 

Having your consumers get behind the camera presents a win-win situation for your business. You don’t have to spend the time creating the video content and your other consumers are going to be more likely to pay attention when another fellow consumer is on camera. Hosting video contests is a great way to get your consumers involved and keep them engaged with your business.

Don’t Forget Your Call To Action 

It’s amazing how many marketing videos don’t end with a clear call to action for the consumer. You can go on all day about how great a service is, but if you don’t leave the consumer with a clear action to take they simply won’t do anything. The point of the video is to have your consumers connect with your brand. Ensure you always give them an action to take once the video is over.

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