Do trading in mobile effect the performance? 

With the widespread of technology, every person can now operate their trading account small screen like a smartphone. With this convenience, more people are becoming dependent on trading with the smartphone application that comes or has been offered by the service provider. All the professions prefer to use the PC version as it shows more vividly where the price is going to be. When any person is developing a plan, there are many doubts about whether the mobile version is as useful as the web version. In this article, we are going to explore whether the performance is affected by one someone is using the smartphone application to operate in his or her account. Keep in mind the convenience play a big role in determining the truth that individuals are using in their day-to-day life to monitor their account. For example, a person who cannot operate in his mobile device due to disability then sitting on a chair and looking at the screen of a desktop. 

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Visualization problem

The main disadvantage of using a smartphone is the limited screen. When a person is using the mobile platform, he might not be able to see the whole pattern on the chart. As the screen is limited a trader does not get the full view of the market activities. Only get a partial volatility trend that will give him a wrong message. As a result, he can end up taking wrong decisions based on incomplete information. It happens to many investors, especially who are doing trading in their daily life. If you are a scalper or day trader, it would be highly suggested to not take any single trading activities without a laptop. Without knowing what happened in a day or the past few hours a trader cannot take the right decision. It does not matter whether he is experienced or not, as long as not all the information is revealed uniformly it is wise to not take any actions.

Professional trader’s preference

The professional traders always prefer to trade with a desktop trading platform. Unless you participate in the Forex trading industry with the premium trading platform, you can’t make significant progress. Though things might be tough at the initial stage, after you learn the trade the market with proper discipline, you can expect to make big profits without having any issues. Think like the professional traders and you will be able to make more money. However, don’t skip the mobile application as it might be handy in some cases.

The important function can be missing in mobile application

A very crucial thing is, not being able to get all the necessary functions to operate successfully in the mobile version. It is also not appropriate to use any partial functions when you are managing a deposit. If you are on a vacation for spending a summer with friends in a foreign country, do not mind the market. Application developers intentionally make a lighter version of the sophisticated trading platform. No way can this assist to maintain the same performance as a trader used to do in the web version. So, the next time you are thinking of doing the tricky maneuver in a mobile platform to impress the friend, think of the consequences of this idea is not a success. 

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From the above discussions, it is clear that the mobile version has so many drawbacks. However, given the circumstances that a person cannot be in front of the desktop continuously, he should have a lighter version of the trading platform installed in his mobile device so that if anything happens we can quickly sort that out from his smartphone. Other than checking and monitoring the account, all the financial activities should be executed on the web version as this provides an enhanced view and a better graph of the market price trends.


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