Employee Assistance Program

In order for the GWC Valves International company to be an attractive place to work, they need to offer certain government mandated and voluntary benefits to their employees who work full time in the organization. The employee assistance program is something that every organization such as the GWC Valves International company should have. The employee assistance program is another option for ensuring health and safety is implemented in the organization for the employees. The employee assistance program is a benefit that is intended to help employees with personal problems that could affect their performance at work. It usually covers counseling and referral services if the employees use them. The employee assistance program is primarily used for employees who needed assistance with their drug or alcohol addiction issues, emotional issues such as depression, stress management and even other personal issues. These programs can even be outsourced to organizations that can provide in-house training and referral services to employees.


There are various techniques that an organization like GWC can implement in order to have a safe and healthy work environment for both employers and employees; these include: to know the occupational safety and health laws and other safety laws, to be able to provide proper training to employees on occupational safety and health laws and the safety laws, it is important to have a written policy in any organization for how the violations will be handled, you need to commit the resources of time and money to ensure that the work environment meets the health and safety requirements, involve as many employees as possible in any health and safety discussions as they might be able to contribute better ideas to the discussion, hold the employees accountable for practicing these safety habits at work and finally to understand how the health of your employees contributes to the success of the company.

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