How to Start a Blog for Jewelry Business?

A small jewelry business-owner also needs to think creative ways to engage with existing and potential customers. Obviously, you have an active website to display your exquisite jewelry collections and even created profile on social networks. It is time to add another creative route in your marketing arsenal.

Start a jewelry blog, where you will offer readers an insight of the variety of handcrafted pearl jewelry products, how to identify Akoya pearl quality or how to take care of the precious black pearls and more. Dedicating several hours, a week to your jewelry blog will help to create brand awareness and make you an authoritative personality in your niche.

How to start jewelry blog?

Choose blogging platform

Blogging platform option range from free to paid. Start with paid platform, so that you gain more control on your brand. You can even take help from professionals to build an e-commerce website or if you have one than add a blog page to it, if content writing is not your thing than take help from experts.

Generate blog post ideas

Short of ideas can break your weekly blogging schedule. Without any motivation, you cannot write. Therefore, prepare a jewelry blog idea list. It can range from how you got into this jewelry business, your favorite jewelry trend, and more aspects related to customer’s needs. A solid idea list will keep you excited and also cater to the customer needs. You can then build a schedule, which suits you.

Build blogging calendar

You can set a goal of writing and posting one blog a week or month. The next step is to build a calendar, which will help you keep focused on your blogging goals. You can add notes like where you wish your readers to go after enjoying your blog. If it is about the latest collection launch; then link this blog to new collection page without fail, where users can get influenced to buy the pearl strands.

Learn optimization basics

Use SEO plugin like WordPress to optimize your blog post. It helps to add target keyword to the blog as well as add the same keyword to text snippet that appears on the search result page. Thus, it will help you keep on the positive side, when readers come in seek of jewelry inspiration on Google.

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