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Stamps are not the direction in which Royal Mail sees post processing progressing.

They have placed a large amount of money in the creation and roll out of effective franking machine products and a transportation network which utilises smart technology and tracking to offer mail senders maximum capabilities and visibility as items travel from A to B.

Royal Mail’s most recent franking machine innovation, which is only available with smart franking machines (which they insist all new purchases must be,) is Mailmark. This is the most cost effective franking machine tariff.


Companies like IMS Franking in Aldermaston have an excellent range of hire franking machines and purchasable options and they’ll be happy to help you to make fantastic savings on your postage whilst introducing you to efficient, highly effective methods.

You may be wary as there’s expenditure to consider, the franking machine hire or purchase, supplies, credit for the machine and the labour involved.

The following points should ease doubts:

  • Franking machines cost £1000+ to purchase so many firms find that renting a franking machine is more viable for them. A hire fee of £16.99 per month is still only around £200 per annum (£203.88.) so it is not a crippling expense.
  • 1000 franking machine labels can be bought for around £25 so if you send 2500 pieces per month this will cost approximately £62.50, again not prohibitive.
  • If you make a franking machine purchase this effectively means that compared to hire it takes approximately five years to cover the cost of the machine but overall expenditure should be less.
  • You can add credit to the machine as necessary so if in one month you know that post usage will be low or if you’re running a campaign the next month the budget and credit can be adjusted to accommodate plans.
    You’re already paying less than with stamps:

1 X letter 1st class postage stamp:     64p

X letter 1st class postage Mailmark franking machine:   51p.

  • Free advertising is an inherent tool in franking machines, not many people realise that logos, slogans, calls to action and targeted messages can be printed on franking machine labels alongside the postage costs.
  • A franking machine is quicker than a person manually adding postage stamps to items. This makes operations more efficient and the time saved can be used on other core business tasks.
  • Mail is processed via the franking machine for packages, envelopes, special delivery and guaranteed services.
  • Franked mail has dedicated mailboxes.
  • Mail collection is possible. For customers who spend less than £15000 with Royal Mail per annum one off collections cost £14. Free collection is provided to customers who spend over £15000.
  • Annual subscription to mail collection for users under the £15000 benchmark is £1700 per annum, less than £142 per month.

Investing in smart technology franking machines ensures savings for the vast majority of users. Think profit, think VAT reclaim, enjoy efficiency and maximised profit.

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