Online Reputation Expertise After Years of Experience

Online reputation expert is require years of experience. Recently, there has been many scam courses that claim to teach everything there is t know about online reputation management and search engine optimization. On the contrary, online reputation expertise can not be learnt in a couple of course. The few real online reputation experts have years upon years of experience. Their expertise have developed alongside the development of the Internet, technology, memory, and search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


By now, professionals and business owners should know that self-claimed online reputation experts can not do an effective job at handling your online reputation for only $99. The services on an expert requires much more attention and may even require a team. In the case of Herman Tumurcuoglu, Carelton and Concordia Graduate, search engine and reputation consultation goes through him and a team he has trained. The pioneer of web search was a founding father or and has continued his life and career into personal consulting in the industry. When the business became overwhelming, Tumurcuoglu put together a team of young experts-to-be and trained them with all his experience and knowledge.

More recently however, Tumurcuoglu and his team have realized that Google has been evolving their search engine algorithm. The reality is that only an expert and experienced individual in the industry can pick up on those changes. Self-claimed experts are only familiar with what is known about the search engine algorithm like how it hates duplicate content or how most people trust Google autocomplete. There is many more tricks that Tumurcuoglu has picked up on but that’s because he’s been in the industry for so long.

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