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Search Wire LLC

Search wire offers the best real estate technology and b2b web services that you will find on the internet. It makes some of the biggest real estate brands available to millions of Search wire users. Search Wire partners up with only the best brand like House Value Store who have the most to offer users. Clients are offered authentic real estate leads and are protected from duplicate sales advertisers. Search wire is very effective and efficient. It is dedicated to generating leads for top real estate companies. It integrates creative professionals and cutting edge technology to yield the best results.


Some of the great advantages of Search wire include.

  • User friendly interface.
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Customized sites and apps for clients
  • Selective and precise lead generation for clients.
  • Increased chances of converting real estate leads
  • Excellent Return on investments
  • Safeguarding from unreliable advertisers
  • Great brands to choose from
  • Proprietary solutions for users and advertisers
  • Most reliable home searches for users

House Value Store

One of Search Wire’s favorite clients is House Value Store. This is a site that can be used both on your computer and your phone. They offer accurate estimation of value of real estate. The mortgage and real estate experts are always there for you when it comes to your selling, buying, financing and refinancing needs.

Advanced algorithms are used for getting precise numbers and are based on the property condition that is categorized in 3 fields which are EXCELLENT, FAIR, and POOR. As there are fluctuations in the market, House Value Store also makes sure to keep the users updated on the latest values through emails. The interface is very easy to use allowing any user to execute complicated functions in a fun way. The search results can be filtered based on the needs of the user. Some of the subcategories include Foreclosures, Auctions, HUD homes or Short sales. The user is able to view results for one or a combination of these options. They are even color coordinated so that it is simple to understand.

Features of House Value Store

The users can use this site for many real estate related purposes. Some of the functions of House Value Store include:

  • Advanced algorithms for effective searches
  • Searching for the latest property
  • Home valuations
  • The refinancing of houses
  • Selling houses
  • Buying houses
  • Locating homes and foreclosures for sale
  • Getting updates on real estate value


The combined efforts of Search Wire and House Value Store lead to the availability of the coolest brands, the best results of the users and effective real estate lead generation. You will be able to get the best valuation of homes and benefit from the most advanced real estate search experience. Together Search Wire and House Value Store will make sure that everyone in America lives in great homes that they deserve.

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