The Pressures of Body Image with Valuemags

Valuemags is in the business of selling magazine subscriptions in the American market. Since they have been in the industry for quite awhile, they know how important it is to keep finding new services to offer customers. Even if they don’t know they need a specific product, knowing how much it can improve their experience can make them loyal customers.

National Geographic is one of the most circulated magazines of all time. This means they are a very popular magazine with a large amount of readers. This month, they are featuring a story about girls and all the pressures they face to know their worth. There are teenage girls who know just how hard it is for some other girls out there to feel beautiful. She took it upon herself to organize a suicide hotline to help as many people as she can.


Little girls starting from a very young age start comparing themselves to other girls. Always telling themselves that they are not good enough since they are not as pretty, as thin, as smart and so on.  Valuemags knows the importance of talking about these issues to young girls since they might take it to the extreme. Telling them they are good enough for who they are and teaching them what really matters in people is key.

Girls keep asking themselves if they are worthy of love and respect, which can have a huge impact on their confidence. The notions of beauty have changed over the years and having your own unique look can also be accepted. But social media has made it harder for teens to compete with everyone else showing off their body. This can lead to anorexia and can damage the quality of life of the sufferer. It is sad if the person who is going through it is a young girl doing it since they feel the pressures of looking thin.

Being a teenager in general is tough since they feel like they need to look like the people in magazines. What people don’t know is that these pictures are photo shopped so those images of they need to look like is impossible since it’s not even real. Increasingly, younger boys are being targeted and feel like they need to look very masculine. Valuemags, being in the industry knows the struggle people face therefore it is important for everyone to know their true worth without constantly comparing themselves.

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